At The Dar-un-noor Academy, we believe that healthy athletic competition encourages a sense of self-worth, teamwork and accomplishment that will be of enormous benefit as our students grow and develop.

Good sportsmanship, respect and common decency toward all participants are a hallmark of sports here. We believe that every student deserves a positive experience participating in athletics.Our program is a good balance of participation and competition, guided by coach who are teacher and role-models above all else. Therefore, Dar-un-noor Academy ’s No-Cut-Policy serves as the core of our athletic program.

Here at Dar-un-noor Academy , we feel strongly that athletics is an integral part of the educational process and plays an important role in developing the whole child.We encourage students of all levels to come out and join the Dar-un-noor Academy Athletics community, whether it is their first time or they are a seasoned athletes. We believe it can add another layer to their positive experience at Dar-un-noor Academy

Our Programs: Soccer varsity team, Basketball varsity team, Football, Team handball, Badminton, Hockey, Track and Field varsity team, Baseball, Bubble Ball, Volleyball, Dragon Goal and various sports activity.


  • HS Girls Basketball Tournament Champions (04/2017-05/2017)
  • HS-MS Boys Basketball Tournament Champions (04/2017-05/2017)
  • HS-MS Girls Track(Cross Country/4x100Relay/100 Meters) Champions (11/18-2017)
  • HS-MS Boys Track(Cross Country/4x100Relay/100 Meters) Champions (11/18/2017)
  • HS Boys Soccer Tournament Champions (12/03/2017)