Happy Muharram ! Muharram Mubarak !

As the first month of the year, Muharram is known as the month of remembrance and it is believed to be the most sacred month. Muslims are not allowed to fight during Muharram. Some important Islamic historical events that happened during the month include:

The Massacre of Karbala
The Battle of Karbala (currently in Iraq) in the year 680 CE, which enabled the Prophet’s (saw) grandson Husayn ibn Ali and his army to enter the city of Karbala on the first day of the month. Husayn ibn Ali, fighting in retaliation to the tyranny of the Yazid’s, was brutally murdered along with his family and clansmen on the 10th, Ashura.

Miracles on the Day of Ashura
Allah bestowed the Prophet Moses the miracle of splitting the Red Sea and saved him and his people while flooding the Pharaoh and his soldiers. Prophet Nuh’s
arc landed on Mount Judi and him, his family, and all the animals fasted in thanksgiving. Prophet Isa was born on Ashura and ascended to Heaven on the
day of Ashura. Prophet Ibrahim was born on the day of Ashura.

Muharram at DNA
The Middle and High school students helped Sister Hanane, head of the Quran & Arabic department, to decorate for the occasion. Alhamdoulillah we have a very
involved staff and student body at our school to mark such important events in Islamic history and tradition.