We would like to share another achievement of Atlanta Science Academy with you.
On Wednesday,July 5,2017 College Board released AP Test results.Our passing rate is 63% with a high participation rate.
Dar un Noor’s recently established High School “Atlanta Science Academy” started to offer its first ever AP class(Human Geography) in 2016-17 school year.Mashallah,it was a great kick off! Congratulations to students!
Alhamdulillah!Only the competitive high schools were able to reach this rate.
Upcoming year Atlanta Science Academy will be offering 4 AP courses, then the year after 8 Courses,inshallah.
Here is some data which may give an idea about our AP performance:
                                                                       Participation               Pass Rate
DNA Atlanta Science Academy                  57 %(2017)                63%(2017)
…. High School(Best in Local District)     43% (2015)                58%(2015)
                                                                       (US-News  Latest Ranking)       (US-News  Latest Ranking)
…. High School(Local District)                 26%(2015)                 36%(2015)
                                                                       (US-News  Latest Ranking)      (US-News  Latest Ranking)
Nation-wide                                             200,000 AP Human Geo        49%(2017)