The Middle School Arabic advanced students went to Cairo Cuisine Restaurant to experience the taste of Egyptian food and to interact with people from other cultures. The students had a lot of fun conversing in Arabic while ordering their food. The food was delicious and everyone enjoyed it. The students behaved spectacularly and thus there was no screaming, throwing food, or wandering off. They all waited patiently for their food and cleaned up after themselves once finished.

I was very proud and pleased with them. May Allah (SWT) continue to give them Al-Hedayah, guidance, and success in their future.

I would like to extend a special thank you to the parents that chaperone: Sister Saher Alam, Sister Naimeh Sajid, Sister Nisreen Amria, Sister Beenish Khan, Sister Fatima Layne, Sister Soha Elsayyad and Brother Ali Khan who stopped by to ensure that the students had a safe and happy event.

Sister Hanane Elmastour

Arabic teacher

Field Trip to “Cairo Cuisine”