Who: Elementary

When: Thursday, August 31st – After Dhuhr Prayer

Elementary students will be celebrating Eid on Thursday. There will be fun activities, games, and things to do. There will be NO Dress Down on this day. The parties are being held on separate days to allow for middle and high students to maintain their fasting.

Who: Middle & High

When: Tuesday, September 5th – After Dhuhr Prayer

Middle & High students will be having a party with fun games, activities, sports, henna, and more. We need volunteers for different stations and we would also like for it to be potluck and invite parents to bring a dish, snacks, or drinks in for the party on this day. ALL STUDENTS will have a FREE Dress Down on this day and will be allowed to come to school in Islamic appropriate Eid dresses and outfits.

Please join us on both days for chaperoning and socializing with DNA.