Pre-K Through 12th Grade

Thank you for your interest in DNA Atlanta Science Academy. In order to complete the admissions process the following steps need to be taken:

  1. Complete an entrance exam (Pre-K and Kindergarten are exempt from testing). Please click on THIS link to fill out a short questionnaire about each student before coming for your first visit.
  2. Submit all of the completed application forms along with all of their required documentation together. Pre-K and Kindergarten are exempt from testing so please call to schedule an interview when you are ready to submit your application and fees.
  3. Submit the necessary fees according to your child’s grade level at the time of application submittal even if you are applying for financial aid or a scholarship. There are no discounts on fees.
  4. After test results have been reviewed by the Admissions Committee you will be contacted to schedule an interview with the parent/guardian and the potential student(s).
  5. Once all steps 1-4 have been completed and the Admissions Committee has reviewed your child’s admissions results then you will receive an email notifying you if your child has been accepted.
  6. Financial aid meetings are not scheduled until the student(s) have been accepted to the school.


School hours are:

Monday – Thursday: 8:00 AM until 3:50 PM

Friday: 8:00 AM until 3:00 PM

Below is a chart of the fees and tuition by grade level:

DNA Atlanta Science Academy
Tuition & Fees
Pre-K $6,500   Sibling Discount  
Elementary $6,000 1st Child Full Tuition  
Middle $6,200 2nd Child 10% Off Tuition  
High $6,500 3rd or More 15% Off Tuition  
Payment Options  
Option 1 One Payment Plan – 1 Payment Will Receive 5% Off Tuition  
Option 2 Two Payment Plan – 2 Payments Will Receive 3% Off Tuition (July 1st & Nov 1st)  
Option 3 Early Ten – 10 Payments From April 1st to January 1st 3% Off Tuition  
Option 4 Standard Ten – 10 Payments Submitted as Post Dated Checks (July 1st – April 1st)  
Annual Fees By Grade  
Pre-K Registration Fee $150 6th-11th Registration Fee $200 New Applicant Fee $30  
Pre-K Activity Fee $50 6th-11th Activity Fee $200 New 6th+ Locker Fee $7  
KG-5th Registration Fee $200 6th-11th Curriculum Fee $350 PTO Family Fee $100  
KG-5th Activity Fee $150     Transportation $2000* Annual  
KG-5th Curriculum Fee $300     *Transportation $200 / Month  


Financial Aid forms should be completed and turned in along with the completed Admissions application.

If you are pursuing an Academic or Merit based scholarship then we still require a completed Financial Aid application. Once we have received all required documents for the Financial Aid forms and the Admissions application and your child(ren) have completed the entrance exams and the interview then the Administration will schedule a meeting with the Financial Adviser to discuss Financial Aid and Scholarships. Please understand that Financial Aid and Scholarships are not guaranteed and the availability is limited.


We do not offer financial aid for Pre-K or Kindergarten students.