Admissions for the 2017-2018 school year is currently being accepted to DNA & Atlanta Science Academy. If you are interested in enrolling your child in PreK then please consult the specific information for Pre-K admissions. Please follow the steps outlined below for Kindergarten through 11th grade admissions to ensure the completion of all requirements:

Step One: Submit Admissions Application with ALL of the required documentation and related fees.

Submit the completed Admissions Packet with all of the required fees to the front office. The fees are listed in the Admissions packet.

Submit copies of student documentation including but not limited to the following: Birth certificate, Social Security Card, Georgia immunization form 3231 and 3300. You can find a list of required documentation within the Admissions packet.

Step Two(Optional): Submit a Financial Aid application to apply for financial aid or scholarship eligibility.

Submit the completed Financial Aid application with all required additional documentation which is listed on the front page of the packet. Financial aid and scholarships are not guaranteed and the allocation is limited.

Step Three: Schedule student testing.

Call the front office to schedule an appointment for student testing. Testing is required for admissions and the tests administered are for reading and math and is based on the individual student’s grade level. You do not need paper, writing utensils, or a calculator.

Step Four: Schedule an interview

Call the front office to schedule an interview that will be conducted with the parents and children to ascertain important information about your child. This is also a great opportunity for parents who have any unanswered questions about the school.

Step Five (Financial Aid or Scholarship Only): Schedule an interview with the Financial Adviser

Call the front office to schedule an interview with the Financial Adviser to discuss financial aid and/or scholarship eligibility. This step cannot be completed unless all documentation has been submitted and the admissions testing has been completed. The Financial Adviser requires 48 hours advance notice from the time of submitting the Financial Aid application to schedule an interview.

Please be aware that seating is limited.

Note: Your child’s admission cannot be finalized until all steps have been completed. Timely completion of the steps will ensure prompt notification of admissions status. Student admission is based on test scores, previous transcript, and behavioral reports. Early registration will ensure a seat for your child.