Providing Intellectual and Spiritual Illumination

Welcome to the Atlanta Science Academy!

Dar-Un-Noor offers licensed classrooms for Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 and outstanding academic instruction for Kindergarten through 8th Grade. Through our use of combined Georgia Standards, ITBS, and private school curriculum, our students regularly score higher on the annual Iowa Test of Basic Skills than the national private score average. In addition, all of our lead teachers possess a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, and many have ten years or more experience in the classroom.

Dar-Un-Noor Academy was established in 1990 located in West Midtown Atlanta, Georgia. It is a private, non profit, educational institution. Since its inception, Dar-Un-Noor has evolved into a vibrant academy that provides quality education as well as providing an environment that promotes and supports Islamic tradition, values, and morals.

Dar-Un-Noor offers classes for Pre-K through 8th Grade.Dar-Un-Noor prides itself in academic excellence by offering our student body a curriculum that competes with local traditional private schools. Each of our classrooms has a low student teacher ration on average 1:10.DNA is a non selective, co-educational, independent school with a multinational student body serving a faith based community. Our campus stands approximately on 3.5 acre located along 14th Street in downtown Atlanta. Classes are held in two storied modern school building which is equipped with computer lab, library, dining hall. Additionally, the campus provides a basketball court, a grass playing field and a playground for younger children.Dar-Un-Noor Academy is divided into four sections: pre-Kindergarten (3 years old and 4 years old); primary school (K-2); Lower school (3rd – 5th) and Middle School (6 – 8). The school is supervised by the principal and two assistant principals; one assistant principal is dedicated for the middle school and the other for pre-K through 5th grade. The school has a unified curriculum thus; students from Pre- K to grade 8 follow the same curriculum.

Our Philosophy
  • Integrate Islamic values within academic and religious curriculam

  •  Nurture an environment that empowers the next generation of American Muslim leaders through the study of Qur’an and Prophetic teachings of Islam.

  • Strengthen our global community through learning experiences.

  • Provide sufficient opportunities for parental and other stakeholder involvement.

  • Implement high order thinking skills through the application of technology and 21st century learning.

  • Reinforce Islamic Identity while fostering cultural diversity.

  • Empower all students to apply lifelong skills to become productive citizens.

Our History